Disciplining Ford

DW’s Tip for Longer Lasting Effects

Medical opinion seems to be that ICE, as in Ice, Compression and Elevation are the recommended treatments for a contusion – being  ‘an injury to a muscle and tissues caused by a blow from a blunt object, typically resulting in a bruise’.  That sounds like a spanking to me.

As it’s clearly my intent that Ford has something to remember when I give him a truly disciplinary spanking, this treatment is very much at odds with my objectives.

Ford has never had the option to treat his spanked butt with ice, and prolonged elevation of his butt is not really practical other than for the actual anticipation and delivery of a spanking.  However, it came to my attention that allowing him to wear a pair of tight fitting jeans might be affording him some relief from the after-effects by providing a measure of compression.  Consequently, I now require Ford to wear loose fitting clothing over his butt for a least the day after I have spanked him.  Most commonly this will take the form of nice loose fitting nylon panties and casual trousers other than jeans.

Even better, if the plan is for him to be working inside the house, I’ll have him in just a T shirt and panties with just runners on his feet.  With a pair of panties that nicely outline his butt (and welts), this has the added advantage of letting me enjoy the scenery while he works.

This is even better if he happens to be working out on the gym equipment – and why does the sight of him amongst all that metal just make me want to tie him down?  Hmmm…


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