Disciplining Ford

DW’s Tip for Longer Lasting Effects

Medical opinion seems to be that ICE, as in Ice, Compression and Elevation are the recommended treatments for a contusion – being  ‘an injury to a muscle and tissues caused by a blow from a blunt object, typically resulting in a bruise’.  That sounds like a spanking to me.

As it’s clearly my intent that Ford has something to remember when I give him a truly disciplinary spanking, this treatment is very much at odds with my objectives.

Ford has never had the option to treat his spanked butt with ice, and prolonged elevation of his butt is not really practical other than for the actual anticipation and delivery of a spanking.  However, it came to my attention that allowing him to wear a pair of tight fitting jeans might be affording him some relief from the after-effects by providing a measure of compression.  Consequently, I now require Ford to wear loose fitting clothing over his butt for a least the day after I have spanked him.  Most commonly this will take the form of nice loose fitting nylon panties and casual trousers other than jeans.

Even better, if the plan is for him to be working inside the house, I’ll have him in just a T shirt and panties with just runners on his feet.  With a pair of panties that nicely outline his butt (and welts), this has the added advantage of letting me enjoy the scenery while he works.

This is even better if he happens to be working out on the gym equipment – and why does the sight of him amongst all that metal just make me want to tie him down?  Hmmm…


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Right on the tip of my tongue

There really is not much that I enjoy more than bringing DW to a loud, mind-blowing orgasm while she is sitting on my face.

On the most recent occasion DW took the initiative once our foreplay had reached the stage that I was ever so gently fingering her generously moist clit and it was clear from her moanings that she was very much enjoying the attention…  “Hmmm…” she said, “I would really like to be sitting on your face”

Being only too willing to oblige, I rolled onto my back, pulled the pillows comfortably under my head and reached up with both hands to grasp the bed head.  Meanwhile, DW climbed over on to her knees to initially straddle my hips and then, sidled her way up the bed bringing her shaven pussy and its delightful perfume progressively closer to my face – leaving a trail of her juices on my chest.  Soon her pussy was firmly planted over my mouth with her mound pressing gently against my nose and once again, I was savouring her delightfully familiar taste and smell.

DW’s shuddering pleasure was evident as I slowly and repeatedly slid my tongue deeply inside her – “Ahhh, I just simply love the feeling of your tongue inside me.”  As I gazed upwards past her now heaving breasts and focused on the expression on her face, I could see that DW’s eyes were clenched tightly closed and her mouth open as she was becoming lost in pleasure.  Again I recalled one of the reasons that I enjoy this position so much – because it allows me to intimately observe DW’s reactions to the ministrations of my tongue.

Those reactions became all the more intense as lay my head back slightly to surround her clit with my mouth to draw it out gently and start caressing it with my tongue.  As I watched I could see and hear DW reaching progressively higher plateaus of enjoyment until I knew from experience that she had reached the point where her orgasm is imminent, completely inevitable and coming with a total rush.   At this point my own senses became overwhelmed by the combination of DW’s unrestrained screams of pleasure, the look of pleasure on her face with her head thrust back, while the uncontrolled thrusting of her pussy against my mouth and nose buried me completely in her taste and scent.

As DW had not taken the simple expedient of tying my hands together, I now had the opportunity for some control of my own as I lowered my arms across her thighs and reached around to lock my hands behind her waist – so that her clit was now unable to escape the mischievous attentions from my tongue.  Knowing that DW would now be getting anxious to have my cock inside her as she gradually came down from her orgasm, I ran my tongue across her clit at random intervals – each occasion producing a desperate wriggling of her hips in a bid to escape and a progressively more vehement pleading for release, that I punctuated deliberately with further caresses of my tongue.

“Ford, ahhhh, let me aaahh go, ahh I want you aaaaahh inside me, Ford, aaahhhh, Ford …..”  Perhaps this is what Alex Comfort meant when he referred to cunnilingus as “Mouth Music”.

Although in theory I probably have the strength to prolong this indefinitely, I did ultimately heed DW’s pleadings by releasing the grip of my hands after which it seemed she almost instantaneously impaled herself on my cock.  As she drove her clit hard against my pubic bone I watched as a sudden look of pleasurable surprise was overtaken by one unconstrained pleasure as she experienced another shudderingly intense orgasm.  “Oh god, I love to come with you inside me!”

Once DW had then ridden me to my own intense orgasm where I thought I might actually throw her off the bed, still on her knees and with me still inside her, she lay herself against me with her mouth next to my ear.  As she regained her breath, DW whispered gently in my ear.

“You sir, are a ratbag.”

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