Disciplining Ford

On Being Even Handed

Just of late DW’s primary focus has been on achieving a long lasting effect from each of my disciplinary spankings and for this outcome, it is clear that DW prefers the use of our ‘nice’ solid oak Spencer Paddle.  Once I am bent over and in position, my feelings of trepidation and foreboding are all the more accentuated when I hear the wardrobe door slide open and the unmistakable faint thud of the paddle as it is once again retrieved from its resting place – followed by the sound of its repeated tapping against DW’s hand.

Over time DW has developed her skills with the paddle to a point that ensures each of its impacts with my butt is gaspingly painful and that I’ll be reminded of a thorough paddling for many days to come.  DW is not a believer in warm up strokes except perhaps for the administration of a first group over panties.  Irrespective, each stroke arrives with the full force that her arm and a perfectly timed flick of her wrist can deliver.  By the time she hooks her thumbs into the waist band of my panties and eases them down in readiness for the next set of strokes, my butt is already well aflame and removal of the panty material from the spanked area can be quite an ordeal in itself.  Knowing that more strokes of equal severity are then about to fall on my bare butt is very sobering.

Whilst DW is generally content to apply each stroke across both butt cheeks for most of a paddling, with DW being right-handed, it often becomes apparent that my right butt cheek is getting the worst of it.  Where this has occurred, the gentle tapping of the end of the paddle against my left cheek makes me aware that DW is about to remedy the situation.  What follows will be series of real stingers delivered solely to the left – interspersed with pauses while DW surveys to ensure that both left and right cheeks are treated equally in terms of severity and geographic coverage.

In terms of after-effects, DW’s success can be measured by the fact that there is generally no relief to be gained by being seated unevenly with more weight on a less sore cheek – the only answer being to sit down evenly and carefully.  This is not helped by the fact that when we are together in say a café or restaurant, DW will take some pains to find the hardest seats.  As I carefully take my seat, DW has that unmistakable look that says, “Well Ford, you know you only got what you deserved”.

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