Disciplining Ford


“If you want to be really good at something you need to make it a priority and work at it. You need to practise. This is true in sports, in music, in any craft or area of knowledge you wish to master.” Seemingly sound advice that DW is now applying seriously to the further development of her skills in application of the cane to my backside.

DW’s renewed enthusiasm for this implement appears to have arisen primarily as a consequence of the delays to my most recently scheduled punishment. Although a suitably private opportunity to administer this particular spanking did occur at the expected time, as it turned out, DW had by then succumbed to a rather heavy cold that necessitated its postponement… and hence a considerable extension of the time that I was required to spend “on notice”. Although DW was not well enough to perform the spanking I so clearly deserved, this didn’t prevent her from ensuring my heightened anticipation of the event by dictating that I spend the remainder of my time “on notice” 24×7 in white, day of the week panties.

Under the terms of our Disciplinary Agreement, the intent of this measure is to provide me with an incentive for submission to a scheduled punishment as soon as practicable, remembering also that lovemaking can only be at DW’s initiative during a period of notice. As no suitably private opportunity for use of the hairbrush or paddle appeared likely for some time after the postponement, DW resolved that it was time to further develop her competency in the use of a much quieter implement – enter the cane. We currently possess two relatively light canes, one being straight with a woven leather grip, the other being very slightly heavier with a traditional crooked handle. To date, DW has shown a marked preference for the former.

As you may have read in some of my previous posts, DW has often employed the cane to quite good effect as an adjunct to a spanking, but the real and lasting after-effects have been more a consequence of her skill and persistence in use of the hairbrush and Spencer Paddle. It seems the time has now arrived for a caning alone to meet DW’s Measures of Effectiveness in a way that demands less effort, less privacy and hence less delay between my infringements and punishments.

Our previous research of the web has identified two particular articles on the subject that have helpful to us – one is still to be found on Aunt Kay’s DWC site, whilst retaining a link to the other has been more elusive. At the time of writing, it can be found here (unfortunately without the diagram on another site that has only recently shut down). On the basis of this information, DW appears to have set the goal of achieving a nicely parallel set of individually identifiable tramline bruises from top to bottom of my backside that last for up to a week. Consistent with the advice in the articles above, her initial focus has been on accuracy, but I can also vouch for a progressive improvement in the power of her strokes.

So once DW’s cold had sufficiently improved, over the week that followed I was to be found with panties lowered and providing DW with the opportunity for some practice with a live target. After some experimentation, it’s become apparent that my positioning over the back of a chair facing away from the bed will provide DW with a totally uninhibited swinging space. After some 4 “practice” sessions, DW was finally content to release me from panties.

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An Addendum Required

Our Disciplinary Agreement identifies a number of specific behavioural infringements that entitle DW to administer punishment. One of these is my tendency to agree on a specific time that we’ll retire to bed of an evening but then, for whatever reason, fail to keep to it. Although I’ve received more than a few severe spankings and spent extended time in panties as a consequence of this particular infringement, it has remained perhaps the most frustratingly intransigent aspect of my behaviour for DW. Even as I write this post, DW has me confined in some purple nylon panties and “on notice” to receive a spanking for precisely that behaviour last night. That spanking is scheduled to be administered tomorrow evening, and given my previous history in this area, I can rightfully anticipate a pretty severe blistering.

The very understandable source of DW’s frustration is that when she goes to bed, she really wants me to be there also, intertwined with her – and if she does elect to go off to bed at the agreed time before I do, too often it’s only to find herself lying awake wondering just when I AM going to come and join her. The result is that far too often, we both stay up, usually working in the office, well beyond the time we should simply have quit and retired to bed – together. My offense is only compounded if I interpret DW’s continued presence as implicit agreement that she has agreed to a delay in our retiring to bed – WRONG!

Given how much I enjoy being in bed with DW once I get there, even I find this behaviour difficult to fathom and can really offer no excuses.

In light of the apparent difficulty in overcoming this aspect of my behaviour, DW has determined that it needs to be corrected by applying an appropriate and clearly defined penalty that will be covered in a newly drafted Addendum to our Disciplinary Agreement. As this particular infringement relates to time, it seems appropriate, that the defined penalty also be time-based. In essence, the duration of the time penalty will equal the accumulated minutes by which I have been late arriving in bed after the agreed time. Although DW has imposed simple corner time on occasions, this new Addendum will formalise the application of time-based penalties.

So at this stage, the draft of the Addendum reads as follows:

In view of Ford’s persistent and intransigent behaviour in failing to comply with an agreed time to retire in the evening, DW has been granted the right to impose time-based penalties for this category of infringement.

Whenever practicable each evening, DW and Ford shall discuss and agree on a time for retiring to bed. If such a discussion and agreement has not occurred, the default agreement shall be for a time of 10:45pm.

A progressive record shall be kept of the accumulated number of minutes by which Ford has been late in complying with the agreed bedtime. The duration of the penalty shall be the number of minutes that has progressively accumulated by the time the penalty is scheduled to be served. There shall be no credits for any time by which Ford has retired before the agreed time, and DW retains the right to impose all other forms of discipline for this infringement that are her entitlement under the existing Disciplinary Agreement.

The penalty shall be served at a time of DW’s sole choosing, taking into account other commitments, accumulated duration of the penalty and maintenance of privacy.

The nature of the penalty shall be entirely at DW’s determination with respect to Ford’s:

  • state of dress;
  • level of discomfort;
  • physical constraint;
  • ability to communicate; and
  • location.

As might be gathered, this now leaves DW with the discretion to apply virtually any measures that she deems appropriate for the duration of the time penalty that can include feminisation, bondage and use of a gag. Consistent with the principle behind this penalty, it also means that I will effectively forfeit any time I may appear to have gained by delaying bedtime beyond our agreement.

The practical outcomes of this addition to our Disciplinary Agreement now remain to be seen.

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Holiday Spanking Round Up

So, turning now to the long weekend’s spanking summary.

Friday saw Ford in panties for the day as part of mental preparation for his participation as a contestant in the much-anticipated weekend of spanking action – and under strict instructions to be home early so as to depart for the tournament venue well before the evening’s rush hour traffic. Already named in Team Discipline that he would be facing were Hairbrush, Spencer Paddle, and both Canes, along with Panties. Noticeably absent from the team line up was Male Underwear – and even then, it was strongly tipped that Panties would be dropped for at least some of the tournament matches.

The Team’s tournament accommodation was located some two hours from its home base where, after a friendly reception from the locals for DW as the Team owner and for Ford as the other contestant, all participants checked into their comfortable quarters and settled in for the weekend.

Friday night saw a warm up match in which Hairbrush and Paddle scored 100 solid hits between them, leaving the other contestant somewhat breathless and contemplating the intensity with which the remaining matches of the weekend would be played.

Hairbrush was the sole scorer during Saturday morning’s game, stinging the other contestant with 50 rock solid hits scored from both sides of the field, once again demonstrating its ability to overcome any opposition with embarrassing ease and to redden a few cheeks in the process.

The surprise recruitment to the Team of S.T. Whip during Saturday afternoon caused more than a little consternation for the other contestant who could only wonder whether such a new import to the Team would play a significant role in the tournament so shortly after joining.

Saturday evening’s match was preceded by a players’ conference at the local spa, the highlight of which came when DW as owner of Team Discipline outlined the previous infringements by the other contestant that she expected her Team to redress during the evening’s match. The whole of Team Discipline obviously took this to heart in their efforts against a now softened-up opposition with each of the longer-standing team members playing a decisive role in its emphatic score of more than 100 hits. Just to emphasise her team’s domination over the other contestant, the team owner dropped Panties for the second half of the match, serving only to intensify the opposition’s suffering at the hands of her team that was now completely on target to take out the tournament.

As it turned out, Whip played only a minor role in match proceedings, but showed some strong potential to become a key player in future team selections.

By Sunday morning it was clear that Team Discipline had achieved virtually all of its goals for the tournament, but this didn’t prevent it from handing out yet another thrashing by another 100 hits to a now completely submissive opposition.

Interviewed back at home base after the tournament, the owner of Team Discipline indicated she was well satisfied with the Team’s performance with her only regret being the lack of a further match on Monday that with hindsight, would have provided the opportunity to give the other contestant an even more lasting message of her dominance in this field of spanking endeavour.
No injuries were reported to the understandably drained but untroubled members of Team Discipline who will now be rested until the next match.

Standing nearby and appearing decidedly less comfortable was the other contestant – who declined to comment on the outcome of the tournament other than to suggest that he obviously needed to lift his game.

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