Disciplining Ford


It’s not typical for DW to give prior indication of the duration and severity of a punishment she plans to apply for an infringement, but there have been occasions when she’s indulged in some degree of “negotiation”.  Unfortunately it’s rarely I’m left with the feeling, especially in my butt, that I’ve then only received the minimum she was prepared to administer.

In a recent case DW opened negotiations while I was serving “corner” time, hands behind my head and facing a full length mirror in our bedroom.

“So what do you think would be a reasonable punishment?”

“25 with the hairbrush?” I ventured.

“No… I’m afraid that’s not even close mister!”

“Oh…umm… 30 with the paddle?”

“Hmm, yes, I guess that might do – ok, but it will be a slow, hard paddling.”


Why the resigned “…oh”? – you might ask.

Well the number of stokes may seem a reasonable outcome, but the manner of their delivery would make me more than sorry I perhaps hadn’t opted for more strokes with DW prepared to deliver them in more rapid fashion.  Experience has taught that 30 slow and hard paddle strokes from DW are a far greater test of my endurance, and result in a far more severe outcome.

As DW’s delivery of 30 paddle strokes in this manner can stretch to 20 minutes, she does take some care that my positioning is sufficiently comfortable that I can remain in position for that period of time – or at least that the position itself will not be a limiting factor on the duration of my spanking.  Typically this will be over a well padded chair with a back of exactly the right height or as most recently, over the foot of a sleigh bed at a rented weekend cottage providing near ideal ergonomics.  In that instance, DW certainly had me strongly gripping the bed covers from the very first stroke.

As you can imagine, the primary reasons for my additional foreboding at the prospect of a slow, hard paddling are that the pause between each stroke:

  • allows DW to recover her full strength and ensure the next is applied with total deliberation at the full measure of force to her exactly intended destination;
  • repeatedly produces the full gambit of pain sensations – whereas a more rapidly delivered spanking tends to postpone this until it’s complete, to some extent.

Hence the delivery of each stroke tends to be followed by perhaps a 20 to 30 second pause during which I am left to fully experience its painful aftermath.  Once the pain of each stroke has subsided a little and my composure somewhat regained, DW then expects me to deliver a formal response in a near normal voice:

“That’s ten…thank you Ma’am…may I please have another?”

Should this response be a little long in coming, I’ll become aware that DW has already replaced her hand on my lower back and relaid the flat of the paddle across my now flaming butt cheeks in preparation for the next stroke – a warning that any further delay will result in a repeat of the same stroke.

DW also tends to reward any profanities that escape during the aftermath of a paddle stroke with repeat strokes and a pause while she fetches and firmly installs the ball gag – whilst nevertheless still requiring that I attempt formal responses, despite its relentless rubberised invasion of my mouth.

So back to the negotiations.

“So how long should I keep you in panties then?”

“3 days?”

“No, that’s not long enough I think – try again.”

“Umm… 2 weeks?” I venture – in the hope that her daily choice from the drawer might be at the more comfortable end of the scale.

”Yes, that’s fine… 1 week would have sufficed, but two will be just fine.”

“   oh”.

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