Disciplining Ford

Making that Lasting Impression …

“It should be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards.”

These are words of Aunt Kay’s from The Disciplinary Wives Club that DW has always taken quite seriously, particularly in the case of the remedial spankings that she administers for my specific behavioural infringements that breach our Disciplinary Agreement – as previously related to some extent in my previous post entitled “Measures of Effectiveness”.

There have been occasions of late when DW has expressed some substantial disappointment at the state of my backside when reviewing the outcome of her previous day’s spanking exertions. Although the spanking has certainly been painful during its entire progress (especially with use of the hairbrush), in DW’s view there can be too little to show for it as soon as one day later. It is on these occasions that DW determines the situation should be corrected by the application of a further spanking specifically designed to ensure I definitely do feel its effects for quite some days afterwards.

Although I’m sure many will justifiably see this as valid justification for a severe caning in the first place, present reality is that DW is still gaining in her confidence to apply a cane with the ferocity necessary for the lasting effects she is seeking. Certainly DW has found Aunt Kay’s booklet “Effective Caning Techniques” to be of real assistance but in the end, there is really no substitute for practical experience, gained with practice, over time. From the receiving end, I can vouch that has DW’s caning skills have certainly developed substantially but perhaps, without a background in racquet sports such has squash or tennis, I suspect it may be a little time before DW quite wields the cane with the confidence to make it her implement of choice for lasting results. Mind you, this is not a complaint on my part, but simply an observation that DW also shares – and her ability to sting my butt with the cane is indisputable.

In the meantime, DW can rely on a combination of her ever-reliable oak Spencer Paddle, appropriate positioning and carefully stroke placement when she decides that I should have something by which the occasion is to be remembered.

The specific target of DW’s attentions for a lasting impression is that region around my “sit spot” (reckoned to be just above the crease between my butt and my thighs) extending down as far as the top of my thighs thereby guaranteeing that afterwards, just the act of sitting will evoke recollections of my spanking.

DW typically facilitates her access to this tender region by placing me in what amounts to a lunged position, often over the side of the spa whereby she is provided with more than adequate swinging room for the paddle. Once in position, my feet will be slightly away from the side, my knees slightly bent with my lower thighs braced against the outside lip of the spa. I will be bent over far enough that my hands with fingers bridged are placed on the bottom of the empty spa, toward the middle. An alternative is to have me stretch as far as absolutely possible over the back of a chair of just the right height. Whether my backside is bare or covered with thin panties really makes little difference to the effectiveness of a spanking delivered with the Spencer Paddle in this manner. In the most recent case, DW left my rather shear lace trimmed panties in place – but I could feel them progressively riding up to expose the most sensitive areas of my backside as I assumed the nominated position.

Rather ironically, and taking into consideration the whole experience of the spanking, I wouldn’t rate DW’s application of a severe Spencer Paddling as the most painful overall. To be sure, the first thirty or so strokes delivered with no hint of a warm-up are perhaps the most individually painful that I’ve experienced, but beyond that number, the sensation of pain tends to start subsiding in favour a more numbed feeling in the most impacted area. Sobering enough though, is the realisation that the longer DW persists in her endeavours; the longer will be the time I feel their after-effects as the results of her paddle strokes continue to accumulate. I also think that the strokes DW chooses to land on my upper thighs hurt like hell, no matter how many have preceded them.

Sometimes DW will apply the paddle alternately to each of my butt cheeks to even out its effects, but in the most recent case, she simply applied with full force across the whole of my backside at once for the entire spanking and as a result, my right cheek tended to suffer somewhat more from its effects.

Once the spanking is completed and DW has agreed, I am permitted to gingerly explore my butt to survey the outcome. At this stage DW also applies any post-spanking care that might be indicated, with particular attention to broken skin or blistering. As a consequence, I’ve yet to experience any after-effects beyond those that DW has fully intended.

It’s hard not to notice DW’s knowing looks of satisfaction at the careful manner with which I then become seated over the next few days after such a spanking. Forgetting certainly results in a rather sharp reminder once my butt hits the chair, as do with the subtle pinches and slaps that DW slips in when she has the chance – along with her subsequent looks of mock sympathy.

DW’s choices of my panties during that time can also be designed to “enhance” that post-spanking experience.

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