Disciplining Ford

That Certain Look

It’s occurred to me that after so many years of submitting to DW’s regime of Domestic Discipline, I think I can now recognize her perhaps unintentional signals that my accumulated infringements are about to be rewarded with a comprehensive spanking. Both her facial expressions and mannerisms seem to undergo some ever so subtle changes during the day of a spanking that nevertheless, are enough for me to realise that I should be mentally preparing for what will almost inevitably follow.

For starters, her catching of my eye can be just that little bit more prolonged and meaningful than usual – in a way that seems to suggest there is something she knows but which I have yet to figure out. There is an element in her looks that seems to be conveying a message along the lines of:

“You may be on your best behaviour just at the moment, and may well be for the rest of the day, but it won’t make any difference. I know what you deserve for the things listed on that white board behind the bedroom door, and rest assured, I’m going to give you every measure. Only once you’re cradling your blistered butt should you bother trying to apologise for them.”

My attempts to embrace and kiss her during the day are certainly not rebuffed, but there is just the slightest level of disengagement – suggesting there is something to be settled before her usual level of passion will be apparent, DW’s apparent message being:

“Yes I love you passionately and completely, but you need and want my discipline – and shortly you’ll be well and truly receiving it.”

The logistics of our family life generally dictate that DW administers spankings shortly before we go to bed. It’s an almost definite sign when DW looks busy but without an effort to get changed herself – while I might be in the shower. This typically means that as I emerge naked from the shower, DW will slip in through the bathroom door, still fully dressed, paddle in hand, waiting for me to finish drying off. Even if I’ve read the signs earlier in the day, I can’t help but visibly pause on noticing her arrival:

“Don’t let me distract you – you must have known this was coming.”

Once I’ve been positioned over the side of the spa, and the en-suite door slid shut, the paddling commences – and continues until DW is fully satisfied with the outcome of her endeavours.

Panties and corner time likely follow while DW then makes her own leisurely preparations for bed.

Only once we are closely entwined in bed, my raw and panty-covered butt still very fresh, does DW:

· ask me to enumerate the reasons I have been spanked;
· remind me why she finds that behaviour unacceptable; and
· receive and accept my apologies.

What then follows is up to DW.

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