Disciplining Ford

An Agreeable Relationship

The month of August has been a very busy one in our household, with a family member returning from a long-term absence overseas, combined with hectic times at work and business providing virtually no opportunity for DW to administer discipline – or even for me to attend properly to this Blog. Finally we did manage to schedule a weekend away to participate in a sporting event and then stayed over an additional night, primarily so that DW could ensure I received the very severe spanking for which by then, I was well overdue.

About one and a half weeks later, with my backside still bearing some visible evidence of that spanking, we were travelling together in the car to pay a surprise visit to some friends and fell to discussing our relationship and in particular, just how relaxed and comfortable we are in each other’s company after some 16 years together.

Obviously there are many aspects of any relationship that would contribute to that situation, and we had discussed quite a few before we came to our Disciplinary Agreement and its role.

We had to conclude that our particular journey has not been into a more general D/s lifestyle arrangement, but “simply” one that, on those occasions when my behaviour warranted, gives DW the right to pull me into line by the administration of an agreed regime of Domestic Discipline, to which I have consented. Furthermore, DW made it absolutely clear that she values that right very highly, whilst both agreeing that it is by no means the raison d’être for our relationship.

So while our relationship may appear to outside observers as proceeding no differently than usual, that may well be the case – but on the other hand, it’s quite possible that DW has only recently meted out some severe bottom medicine or has me in the most humiliating pair of panties she can find as a direct result of some behavioural infringement on my part. If my offence is committed in public however, she has her way of subtly communicating that there will be consequences.

Probably as a result of this discussion, DW and I have taken the opportunity to review our Domestic Disciplinary Agreement, originally drafted in July 2000. For those interested, and with DW’s agreement, the updated version (now at Draft C) can be found here.

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