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DW’s Tip for Longer Lasting Effects

Medical opinion seems to be that ICE, as in Ice, Compression and Elevation are the recommended treatments for a contusion – being  ‘an injury to a muscle and tissues caused by a blow from a blunt object, typically resulting in a bruise’.  That sounds like a spanking to me.

As it’s clearly my intent that Ford has something to remember when I give him a truly disciplinary spanking, this treatment is very much at odds with my objectives.

Ford has never had the option to treat his spanked butt with ice, and prolonged elevation of his butt is not really practical other than for the actual anticipation and delivery of a spanking.  However, it came to my attention that allowing him to wear a pair of tight fitting jeans might be affording him some relief from the after-effects by providing a measure of compression.  Consequently, I now require Ford to wear loose fitting clothing over his butt for a least the day after I have spanked him.  Most commonly this will take the form of nice loose fitting nylon panties and casual trousers other than jeans.

Even better, if the plan is for him to be working inside the house, I’ll have him in just a T shirt and panties with just runners on his feet.  With a pair of panties that nicely outline his butt (and welts), this has the added advantage of letting me enjoy the scenery while he works.

This is even better if he happens to be working out on the gym equipment – and why does the sight of him amongst all that metal just make me want to tie him down?  Hmmm…


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  1. Hello DW—You have obviously given this much thought! Ford has mentioned in several of his posts that while the spanking is the main thing, it isn’t the only thing. That you are always alert to ways to prolong his punishment, both physically (loose clothes as you mention here, or panties that irritate the spanked area) and psychologically (panties, not only after the spanking, but also before, as a notice to him that there is a spanking in his future). Good show, DW!

    The gym will never be the same again.

    Be well, both of you……misster

    Comment by misster | April 28, 2009

  2. Dear DW,

    My wife is also a disciplinary wife and she spanks me quite regularly when I need it. This blog has influenced the way she carries out domestic discipline. She’s even had me make her a replica of your “butt tenderizer” to use on me. However, my bottom never has looked like Ford’s does after an application of it. So, she has instructed me to write and ask you a few questions.

    1. How many licks to you have to give Ford with that paddle in order to achieve the effect we see in the photos?

    2. What do you suggest in the way of aftercare once that effect has been achieved?

    3. Are there any sure-fire ways to make the paddling last longer after it is given other than the loose-fitting pants/panties that you can readily suggest?

    She truly wants to know anything that you might find to be helpful in this regard and I love her enough to submit to it.



    Comment by mikey | May 21, 2009

  3. Hi Mikey,

    DW has said she’s happy to reply, but it might not be for a few days.


    Comment by Ford | May 23, 2009

  4. I says: “Why would a woman want her man to wear anything after a spanking, keep him nude in case he needs another paddling!” Since I often cane him late in the evening, we wind up with more personal activities afterwards and then fall asleep….. he wakes up still sore.
    Being bare reminds him of his status as being the one disciplined, and is meant to remind him of his submission rather than being a sexual nudity. And it is nothing like me strutting around in the buff to show off my success at weight watchers

    Comment by Maria | June 29, 2009

  5. Hi Mikey,
    Apologies for taking so long with my replies to your queries, I hope they are useful.

    1. How many licks do you have to give Ford with that paddle in order to achieve the effect we see in the photos?<br /><br /><br />
    – I consider a good disciplinary spanking with the tenderiser for a specific and serious infringement should amount to 50 to 100 strokes, as I think was the case for the photos that Ford recently published.
    As you can see from one of the photos, if I bend him right over the back of a couch and concentrate my efforts in one area, the skin of his butt will sometimes be broken even if all 50 strokes have been given over panties. Some additional strokes after the skin was broken tended to make this look worse than it actually was (well, says I anyway). This was a truly disciplinary spanking and Ford still remembers where, when and why it was given while we were renting a nice private cottage for the weekend.
    The other photo was the result of 100 strokes with the tenderiser to his bare but where I worked my way across his ‘sit’ spot and took trouble to even things up across both cheeks. In addition to the lasting effect on Ford’s comfort level when seated, he also had to deal with the visible results if he was using a public change room.

    2. What do you suggest in the way of aftercare once that effect has been achieved?
    – Whenever I do happen break the skin of Ford’s butt, about which have no real compunction when he deserves it, I always apply a liberal dose of disinfectant to the affected area before he is allowed to move from his assumed position, followed by repeat doses as necessary. If particular annoyance has been caused, Mentholated Spirits is a good option as it stings like hell, judging from Ford’s reaction. Ford may also need to apply antiseptic cream and wear a thick pair of cotton underwear for a few days. This can be an occasion when I relent on keeping him in panties, until he has healed anyway.

    3. Are there any sure-fire ways to make the paddling last longer after it is given other than the loose-fitting pants/panties that you can readily suggest?
    A few thoughts:
    – I’ve found a key to the application of an effortless and painful spanking stroke with the paddle or hairbrush is a good swing but a flick of wrist at the last moment. A good stroke makes a resounding whack, rather than a dull thud, when it lands and is rewarded by a nice gasp from Ford. Don’t be in a hurry between strokes to let the effect of each one sink in;
    – A nice brisk repeat spanking the following day of perhaps 10 to 20 strokes with the hairbrush helps to keep a disciplinary spanking fresh in Ford’s mind. On occasions I’ve also been known to give him on the hour spankings over the course of an evening or better still, during the Ad breaks if we happen to be watching TV;
    – Assign him to a nice high wooden stool for a time, too high for his feet to reach the ground. If you’re visiting a restaurant or café, make sure he gets a hard wooden seat;
    – Unless immediate aftercare is called for, I make Ford wait before he is allowed to sooth the spanked area. I’ve been known to enforce this by tying him. I like to have Ford fold his arms behind his back and then tie and cinch his wrists together. If bad language has been the problem, the ball gag can also come out;
    – Pick underwear with the most aggressive leg elastic to cross the spanked area of his butt. One size too small for him is also useful.<

    Comment by DW | July 18, 2009

  6. Dear DW and Ford,

    Thanks so much for the responses. My wife has recently figured out the “flick of the wrist” part on her own and I must say that it has made her paddlings have a much more lasting impression. Also, she has recently discovered several other techniques that make discipline much more dreaded. I’d detail them but I’m sure Ford wouldn’t appreciate me, at all, if you were to wind up using them on him. (I sort of wish nobody had ever introduced them to my lovely wife, but hey, I’m the dummy who actually ASKED for this lifestyle to begin with, right?)

    I’m sure that she’ll be using these other techniques that you have detailed on me before too long. After reading them, I can imagine that they truly inspire Ford to be a “good boy” and I doubt that bratting is a problem in your household.

    Thanks so much,


    Comment by mikey | July 24, 2009

  7. Hi DW and Ford!

    Just checking in on you guys! I’m really worrying… you’ve been absent for quite some time now. Hoping everything is OK. Please let me know… you KNOW how Tiggr’s worry!

    Comment by Tiggs | August 6, 2009

  8. Hi Tiggs – thanks for thinking of us and dropping by.
    We are just back from some vacation time that was largely internet and blog free. More posts are in the works however – so please don’t worry.
    Thanks again
    Ford & DW.

    Comment by Ford | August 6, 2009

  9. Any chance DW will see a local for a spanking?


    Comment by David | September 23, 2009

  10. Sorry David, this won’t be an option.

    DW also says she has her hands full keeping me well enough disciplined.


    Comment by Ford | September 24, 2009

  11. DW and Ford,

    Amazing site, thank you. I dream of being spanked in panties, dream of it.

    One question, DW do you ever just adminster a long otk hand spanking to Ford’s pantied bottom?

    Great relationship, happy for you.

    Comment by ron c | October 16, 2009

  12. Hi Ford & DW,

    Not sure how to contact you directly but I’d like to correct my broken link at Creative Coaching Concepts by giving you my new info. I’ve been doing some restructuring and I’ve switched everything to a new blog and am hoping you can change my link accordingly. No one knows how to find me anymore!

    The new blog title should read …

    “How to Spank Your Man” (f/m illustrated ebooks) and it’s located at http://www.howtospankyourman.blogspot.com

    If you could make that change I would be eternally grateful! And I’m sure so would the couples who’ll be able to learn how to get a great relationship like yours!

    Thank you both,

    Monica (Miss Francy)

    Comment by Monica | October 25, 2009

  13. Hi Monica,

    We are so glad to have found you again! – the link to your new blog should now be up and working.

    All the very best
    FORD & DW

    Comment by Ford | October 29, 2009

  14. Dear Ford: I have really learned a lot, and really enjoyed your story of your life with DW. I notice that your blog has not been updated in a long time, since April, 2009. Are you still active with this blog at all? I sure hope so. I have written a plan for me, sort of modeled from your plan and rules, along with the Spencer plan. I am just getting started with this DD relationship with my wife. I is exciting. Thanks for your blog and your story. Speedy

    Comment by George Speed | November 9, 2009

  15. Hi Speedy,

    Yes we are still active with this blog and really appreciative of your comments! – it’s just been a very busy year for us with many changes, although DW is still finding reasons to blister my butt at regular intervals and as necessary.

    Hopefully we’ll find time for some new posts very soon.

    Apologies for the delay in posting your previous comment, we have been altering our ISP arrangements and didn’t have reliable access for a week or so.

    Best regards

    Comment by Ford | November 9, 2009

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