Disciplining Ford


I awaken in the early hours of the morning with a growing erection to find that DW is cuddled in very close behind me. Stirring slightly, I’m reminded that that my cock is encased in the sheer silky material of some rather retro, high-cut, red nylon, lace-trimmed panties that DW has selected that I should wear for the night. My erection has now become achingly hard and through the thin panty material, I can feel DW’s smooth and completely shaven pussy pressing against my butt.

A little time later and as my erection is showing signs of abating, DW somehow senses my wakefulness and moves her hand down to wrap it around the semi-hardened bulge in my panties. Just to restore my total arousal, she moves her hand upwards to just ever so gently caress each of my nipples in turn – my resulting soft moanings, shudders of frustration and involuntary hip movements betraying to her the totally teasing effect of her touch.

Her warm hand then returns to enwrap my cock through its thin nylon covering while her thumb sneaks inside the lace waistband to gently stroke its tip, now liberally coated with pre-cum.

“Hmm… what a shame you haven’t been better behaved. Sleep tight, perhaps I’ll make use of that in the morning.”

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