Disciplining Ford


I awaken in the early hours of the morning with a growing erection to find that DW is cuddled in very close behind me. Stirring slightly, I’m reminded that that my cock is encased in the sheer silky material of some rather retro, high-cut, red nylon, lace-trimmed panties that DW has selected that I should wear for the night. My erection has now become achingly hard and through the thin panty material, I can feel DW’s smooth and completely shaven pussy pressing against my butt.

A little time later and as my erection is showing signs of abating, DW somehow senses my wakefulness and moves her hand down to wrap it around the semi-hardened bulge in my panties. Just to restore my total arousal, she moves her hand upwards to just ever so gently caress each of my nipples in turn – my resulting soft moanings, shudders of frustration and involuntary hip movements betraying to her the totally teasing effect of her touch.

Her warm hand then returns to enwrap my cock through its thin nylon covering while her thumb sneaks inside the lace waistband to gently stroke its tip, now liberally coated with pre-cum.

“Hmm… what a shame you haven’t been better behaved. Sleep tight, perhaps I’ll make use of that in the morning.”

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  1. Ford—Wow! What an amazing post! Hard to decide which is more erotic: reading the post itself or thinking about the extent of the discipline DW imposes on you—pantied, teased and then “delayed”. What a woman!

    Comment by misster | June 17, 2008

  2. Ford—It has been over a month since your “Wakeful” post and there has been only one comment. I won’t speak for you, but I’m disappointed no one else has rsponded to what I consider a marvelous little “episode”. Oh well.

    Comment by misster | July 18, 2008

  3. You are a very lucky man to have a woman take you in hand and give you the discipline she knows you need . Seems to me she should spank you for the erection and then make you play with your self till you cum and then make you eat it for more punishment before forcing you to lick her to orgasm.

    Comment by Davis | August 14, 2008

  4. hI,
    I would love to do a link trade with your blog:)

    I have added you too mine already.


    thankyou for your consideration.

    smacks and kisses

    Comment by Michelle | August 20, 2008

  5. Hi there Michelle,
    More than happy to trade links – all the very best.

    Comment by Ford | August 20, 2008

  6. Ford –

    Great blog with some good details and a real sense of your domestic discipline. I just added a link to my site for your blog, and would love to be listed on yours.



    Elizabeth Burns – Domestic Disciplinarian

    Comment by Elizabeth Burns | September 19, 2008

  7. Thanks Elizabeth

    Happy to reciprocate – all the best with your site!

    Best regards

    Comment by Ford | September 20, 2008

  8. It would be nice if Ford was dressed up a little more every now and then lets say like a spanking skirt or a maids outfit, what do you think ?

    Comment by William | October 9, 2008

  9. William—Perhaps you should have directed your suggestion/entreaty to DW,
    as it seems she makes all decisions about Ford’s discipline. At least that’s what I think! LOL

    Comment by misster | October 13, 2008

  10. Don’t worry on that score – I keep a CLOSE eye on Ford’s blog.

    Comment by DW | October 13, 2008

  11. I’m sorry DW, the post was for you, I’m a bad boy – my Wife more than likely will paddle me with her black paddle with the holes in it. I have forgotten the person who makes them but I got the set for my Wife. It came with a nasty large strap and a heart shaped paddle. The heart shaped paddle broke on my bare fanny during a long hard paddling – it wasn’t very strong.

    Then She went online and got a paddle called the blister maker. It’s round about 5″ across, 3/4″ thick with a hole in the middle. Within minutes of receiving this awful paddle I was on the bed bare bottom, with 2 pillows under my hips lifting my bottom nice and high and that paddle does live up too it’s name; and one last thing, my wonderful Wife keeps me in frilly panties from time to time too, out in public too which to me is scary and exciting at the same time.

    PS Sorry in advance for poor grammar and misspelled words.

    Comment by William | October 15, 2008

  12. DW—I too apologize if I offended you and hope that I didn’t. My intent was to “joke” with William, not you or Ford. I have no doubt that, among many other things, you keep a very close eye on Ford’s blogging activities, here and everywhere! No disrespect was intended and I hope none was taken.

    Comment by misster | October 18, 2008

  13. Hey – there’s absolutely no need for apologies – I have not been offended in any way.

    I was just seeking to point out that I will duly note any suggestions made about how I should discipline Ford and will consider them accordingly.

    Keep them coming by all means.

    Comment by DW | October 19, 2008

  14. This morning I got a good dose of the blister maker, that has got to be the worst spanking item I have ever had applied to my bare bottom, as the norm it was on the bed and my wife instructed me to raise my bottom nice and high for a good sound blistering, but I know better to get 2 pillows and double them over because I can never keep my bottom up in the air by myself.

    On this note, Ford what is the most dreaded spanking instrument that is applied to your bare butt and the most dreaded way you receive it, like over a chair or legs up and back, thank you for your time, William

    Comment by William | October 21, 2008

  15. DW, Ford is ignoring me will please give him a very hard paddling, thank you.

    Comment by William | October 25, 2008

  16. William,

    We’ve been away for a few days. It was a very nice break, but I do owe him a really good spanking for a lapse into some bad language – so I’ll just double the number of strokes for not responding to you before we left.

    Meanwhile he’s in some nice white cotton panties that were on hand while we were away and I have him working on a new post to answer your question.


    Comment by DW | October 26, 2008

  17. Thank you very much DW, and I do like Ford’s blue lacy ones, so cute.

    Comment by William | October 27, 2008

  18. <p><p>DW, my wife has me keep my bottom shaved smooth as a baby’s bottom, she shaves her dogs so once a month on the table for me and she shaves it nice and clean. She loves to spank a nice smooth bottom.</p></p>

    Comment by William | October 29, 2008

  19. Seems this has become the DW show? I’ll have to urge Ford to write more posts, won’t I? They are too few and far between although I’m sure he has plenty of material to write about. He keeps giving me reasons for them!

    Comment by DW | October 31, 2008

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