Disciplining Ford

Holiday Vignette #4

I’m doing some supervised corner time in the office facing away from DW, with ball-gag in place, my hands on my head, and wearing only the briefest and tightest fitting pair of lacy white nylon panties that DW could find. DW rises from her desk where she has been working, stands behind me and reaches around with both hands to ever so gently caress my nipples. They immediately become hard in response to her attentions, but as I give muffled moans and my knees start to buckle at the teasing arousal that DW is causing, I’m also aware of my cock straining to harden within the unyieldingly tight confines of the panties.

After awhile DW reaches down and gently rubs her finger across the tip of my cock, now aching for release. As she detects the pre-cum that has started to appear through the nylon panty material, she comments, “Looks like you are getting a bit damp there Ford”. DW then sits down once again at her desk and continues with her work.

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