Disciplining Ford

An Addendum Required

Our Disciplinary Agreement identifies a number of specific behavioural infringements that entitle DW to administer punishment. One of these is my tendency to agree on a specific time that we’ll retire to bed of an evening but then, for whatever reason, fail to keep to it. Although I’ve received more than a few severe spankings and spent extended time in panties as a consequence of this particular infringement, it has remained perhaps the most frustratingly intransigent aspect of my behaviour for DW. Even as I write this post, DW has me confined in some purple nylon panties and “on notice” to receive a spanking for precisely that behaviour last night. That spanking is scheduled to be administered tomorrow evening, and given my previous history in this area, I can rightfully anticipate a pretty severe blistering.

The very understandable source of DW’s frustration is that when she goes to bed, she really wants me to be there also, intertwined with her – and if she does elect to go off to bed at the agreed time before I do, too often it’s only to find herself lying awake wondering just when I AM going to come and join her. The result is that far too often, we both stay up, usually working in the office, well beyond the time we should simply have quit and retired to bed – together. My offense is only compounded if I interpret DW’s continued presence as implicit agreement that she has agreed to a delay in our retiring to bed – WRONG!

Given how much I enjoy being in bed with DW once I get there, even I find this behaviour difficult to fathom and can really offer no excuses.

In light of the apparent difficulty in overcoming this aspect of my behaviour, DW has determined that it needs to be corrected by applying an appropriate and clearly defined penalty that will be covered in a newly drafted Addendum to our Disciplinary Agreement. As this particular infringement relates to time, it seems appropriate, that the defined penalty also be time-based. In essence, the duration of the time penalty will equal the accumulated minutes by which I have been late arriving in bed after the agreed time. Although DW has imposed simple corner time on occasions, this new Addendum will formalise the application of time-based penalties.

So at this stage, the draft of the Addendum reads as follows:

In view of Ford’s persistent and intransigent behaviour in failing to comply with an agreed time to retire in the evening, DW has been granted the right to impose time-based penalties for this category of infringement.

Whenever practicable each evening, DW and Ford shall discuss and agree on a time for retiring to bed. If such a discussion and agreement has not occurred, the default agreement shall be for a time of 10:45pm.

A progressive record shall be kept of the accumulated number of minutes by which Ford has been late in complying with the agreed bedtime. The duration of the penalty shall be the number of minutes that has progressively accumulated by the time the penalty is scheduled to be served. There shall be no credits for any time by which Ford has retired before the agreed time, and DW retains the right to impose all other forms of discipline for this infringement that are her entitlement under the existing Disciplinary Agreement.

The penalty shall be served at a time of DW’s sole choosing, taking into account other commitments, accumulated duration of the penalty and maintenance of privacy.

The nature of the penalty shall be entirely at DW’s determination with respect to Ford’s:

  • state of dress;
  • level of discomfort;
  • physical constraint;
  • ability to communicate; and
  • location.

As might be gathered, this now leaves DW with the discretion to apply virtually any measures that she deems appropriate for the duration of the time penalty that can include feminisation, bondage and use of a gag. Consistent with the principle behind this penalty, it also means that I will effectively forfeit any time I may appear to have gained by delaying bedtime beyond our agreement.

The practical outcomes of this addition to our Disciplinary Agreement now remain to be seen.

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