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Making that Lasting Impression …

“It should be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards.”

These are words of Aunt Kay’s from The Disciplinary Wives Club that DW has always taken quite seriously, particularly in the case of the remedial spankings that she administers for my specific behavioural infringements that breach our Disciplinary Agreement – as previously related to some extent in my previous post entitled “Measures of Effectiveness”.

There have been occasions of late when DW has expressed some substantial disappointment at the state of my backside when reviewing the outcome of her previous day’s spanking exertions. Although the spanking has certainly been painful during its entire progress (especially with use of the hairbrush), in DW’s view there can be too little to show for it as soon as one day later. It is on these occasions that DW determines the situation should be corrected by the application of a further spanking specifically designed to ensure I definitely do feel its effects for quite some days afterwards.

Although I’m sure many will justifiably see this as valid justification for a severe caning in the first place, present reality is that DW is still gaining in her confidence to apply a cane with the ferocity necessary for the lasting effects she is seeking. Certainly DW has found Aunt Kay’s booklet “Effective Caning Techniques” to be of real assistance but in the end, there is really no substitute for practical experience, gained with practice, over time. From the receiving end, I can vouch that has DW’s caning skills have certainly developed substantially but perhaps, without a background in racquet sports such has squash or tennis, I suspect it may be a little time before DW quite wields the cane with the confidence to make it her implement of choice for lasting results. Mind you, this is not a complaint on my part, but simply an observation that DW also shares – and her ability to sting my butt with the cane is indisputable.

In the meantime, DW can rely on a combination of her ever-reliable oak Spencer Paddle, appropriate positioning and carefully stroke placement when she decides that I should have something by which the occasion is to be remembered.

The specific target of DW’s attentions for a lasting impression is that region around my “sit spot” (reckoned to be just above the crease between my butt and my thighs) extending down as far as the top of my thighs thereby guaranteeing that afterwards, just the act of sitting will evoke recollections of my spanking.

DW typically facilitates her access to this tender region by placing me in what amounts to a lunged position, often over the side of the spa whereby she is provided with more than adequate swinging room for the paddle. Once in position, my feet will be slightly away from the side, my knees slightly bent with my lower thighs braced against the outside lip of the spa. I will be bent over far enough that my hands with fingers bridged are placed on the bottom of the empty spa, toward the middle. An alternative is to have me stretch as far as absolutely possible over the back of a chair of just the right height. Whether my backside is bare or covered with thin panties really makes little difference to the effectiveness of a spanking delivered with the Spencer Paddle in this manner. In the most recent case, DW left my rather shear lace trimmed panties in place – but I could feel them progressively riding up to expose the most sensitive areas of my backside as I assumed the nominated position.

Rather ironically, and taking into consideration the whole experience of the spanking, I wouldn’t rate DW’s application of a severe Spencer Paddling as the most painful overall. To be sure, the first thirty or so strokes delivered with no hint of a warm-up are perhaps the most individually painful that I’ve experienced, but beyond that number, the sensation of pain tends to start subsiding in favour a more numbed feeling in the most impacted area. Sobering enough though, is the realisation that the longer DW persists in her endeavours; the longer will be the time I feel their after-effects as the results of her paddle strokes continue to accumulate. I also think that the strokes DW chooses to land on my upper thighs hurt like hell, no matter how many have preceded them.

Sometimes DW will apply the paddle alternately to each of my butt cheeks to even out its effects, but in the most recent case, she simply applied with full force across the whole of my backside at once for the entire spanking and as a result, my right cheek tended to suffer somewhat more from its effects.

Once the spanking is completed and DW has agreed, I am permitted to gingerly explore my butt to survey the outcome. At this stage DW also applies any post-spanking care that might be indicated, with particular attention to broken skin or blistering. As a consequence, I’ve yet to experience any after-effects beyond those that DW has fully intended.

It’s hard not to notice DW’s knowing looks of satisfaction at the careful manner with which I then become seated over the next few days after such a spanking. Forgetting certainly results in a rather sharp reminder once my butt hits the chair, as do with the subtle pinches and slaps that DW slips in when she has the chance – along with her subsequent looks of mock sympathy.

DW’s choices of my panties during that time can also be designed to “enhance” that post-spanking experience.

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  1. Again, DW’s use of panty punishment to “enhance”your paddling is interesting. Although it doesn’t look like either of the spankings in the pictures will need amy enhancement to extend the discomfort when seated in future days! What style panty does she have you wear in this situation? And if I may ask a more personal question—is the panty punishment component of DW’s discipline regimen her idea. or a “joint” idea? Seems very likely panty punishing you must excite her, but does it excite you too? Or does it simply “enhance” the whole experience for you, both pre and apres paddling? Thanks

    Comment by misster | January 4, 2008

  2. Hi Misster,

    Usually DW will make a selection of panties that she figures will offer the least protective padding to my newly spanked backside. It seems the thinner and the more exposed cheek area the better from her standpoint (and less so my sitting-point) – those shown would be typical examples. If we happen to be dining out afterwards for instance, she tends to favour a restaurant with the hardest, preferably metal or wooden chairs – and gives a knowing look as I carefully become seated.

    I seem to recall that panty punishment was one of the options we worked through progressively in defining a Domestic Discipline regime. It wasn’t one for which DW showed very much enthusiasm at first, but over time, has come to apply quite extensively. What DW sees as unacceptable and ‘characteristically male’ aspects of my behaviour (e.g. bad language or unwarranted aggression) will typically land me in a pair of panties on the spot. More subtle roles of maintaining the consciousness of my submission to her discipline and controlling my state of arousal have developed over time. Panties always impart a foreign feel to me and care is always needed to ensure that I don’t get sprung – especially if DW selects a lacy waist band on high or full-cut panties.

    The reaction of my cock on being confined to panties, or even the threat thereof, is also pleasing to DW (e.g. refer http://discipliningford.com/blog/2006/05/27/hard-to-leave/) and she is often doing or saying something sexually provocative just to confirm her control over my arousal – simply enjoying the fact that she “… can always affect me so much that way”. A quick surreptitious feel of my crotch is often followed by “… just checking the state of things – hmm… somewhat of a thickening going on there eh?”.

    Thanks for taking the time to place a comment.
    All the best

    Comment by Ford | January 5, 2008

  3. Hello Ford
    It was kind of you to take the time to explain the evolution of DW’s use of panties in your relationship. The facts are not as I imagined them, but the facts are actually more interesting than my assumptions. And the panties in the photo at “hard-to-leave” look like Manties, which will “contain” the bulge that DW inspires and controls!
    Be well!

    Comment by misster | January 12, 2008

  4. Hi Ford,

    First off my compliments for your fine blog and to your wife who apparently knows the effectiveness and delights of panty punishment and discipline as does my wife.
    I am being punished from time to time in punishment panties that enhance the pain of a already severe spanking with the bathbrush. The panties are of the ‘push up’ type that for instance Triumph carried in the nineties. Nylon fabric and fully covering the bottom. These panties now count their final days as they have been treated wit innumerable severe chstisements and we are looking for a new pair. I would like to send you a pic of these panties and ask you to publish that pic with the request to your readers to suggest shops where we could still buy them. You may mail me at the above mail address. We have inquired with Triumph to no avail. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

    Comment by Barend | January 23, 2008

  5. I, too, live a life of disciplined hubbette. I get spanked very often over my wife’s knee. And she uses her hairbrush. I’m always in panties (24/7),,,and also other feminine attire. I sleep in nighties that she has picked out for me. Just one suggestion for you. I’m surprised she has not made you shave your legs,,,etc. My wife insists on my body being very feminine in appearance. Keep up your good site,,,and honest sharing. regards,,joanne.

    Comment by joanne (my sissy name) | January 31, 2008

  6. Hi Ford
    Congratulations you on your great blog, I found DiscipliningFord.com a bit over a year ago, your blog, along with the DWC club have been instrumental in helping my wife and I develop our relationship into a real female led marriage.
    Before we discovered your blog and DWC we used to play some role playing games, where I would get a bit of corner time before and after receiving a spanking / caning, which was what I needed, but this was really just playing. I found your blog, spent a long time reading it, then looked at the DWC and eventually plucked up enough courage to ask my wife if she would consider a real DWC type relationship, after lots of talking / back and forth communication, we took your ‘disciplinary agreement’ and modified it a bit (but not much!) and we haven’t looked back! I am so much more happy knowing my place and the consequences of any disobedience / disrespectfulness on my part, my wife gets a husband who does as he is told without question…
    Your blog has helped my marriage become much more forefilled..If not considerably more uncomfortable sitting after my wife has delt with me!!
    Keep up the great posts..

    Comment by Jon and MsElizabeth | March 24, 2008

  7. Sedere Rosso # 2

    Felicia said to me, we’re going home right now ! She was angry because
    I drank too much at this party and I was flirting with a voluptuous divorcee. We left earlier than normal . On the way home Felicia said I made a fool of myself and embarrassed her. She told me that I was going to get a blistering spanking when we got home. At home without being told, I went to our bedroom and put the spanking chair in its place ., And as per usual, I got naked in less than 20 seconds. I retrieved the large heavy long handled wooden hairbrush and stood sheepishly on the right side of the chair . 20 minutes later Felicia walked in still wearing her very sexy black short dress with five inch heals , showing off her lovely long legs clad in nylons. Carrying a bottle of imported wine she drank from a glass very slowly looking at me straight in the eyes. She sat in the spanking chair and placed the bottle and glass on the table near it. Like a surgeon she casually and with out looking at me, held our her hand and I quickly placed the brush handle in her palm . she patted her lovely knees and I quickly bent over her lap. When we play, she spanks me with her hand about seventy or eighty swats then we make love because by then I am fully aroused.
    You disrespected me in public ,sooo…. this punishment will be very severe. She swung the hairbrush hard landing on my right cheek ! I yelped. She gave me 60 extremely hard swats. By then my bottom was on fire. I babbled I am so sorry
    honey ! She chuckled you haven’t felt anything yet. She then pushed me ,so my head was closer to the ground and crossed her right leg over my calves and thighs to lock me in position. She yanked my left hand behind my back, She then gave me 50 very hard strokes as I screemed helplessly. We’re almost done she said I want you to count the next fifty. There will be extra if you miscount. This is what happens when you disrespect me. For the first time in twenty years of spanking me, she raised the hairbrush way above her head and brought it down harder than ever on my bottom . How I managed to accurately count each stroke is beyond me . I screamed and sobbed, and howled “ 33 ah ah thank you mam , 34 owee, thank you mam, 35 oh god! Thank you mam, 36 oh please honey- thank you mam. Finally oh oh sob sob 50 th , th, thank you mam. My bottom felt like it was going to explode. The ,pain was excruciating. She then looked at my bottom. She said you have blisters just as I promised dear. You’re lucky: Normally as you know you would get 16 strokes with the cane. I’ll save those for another day.
    She said She felt so much better. Her anger is gone.That was the worse spanking for me ever. Now it is time for detention she said . She retrieved a box of long grained uncooked rice& poured some on the wood floor and told me to kneel while completely naked on the rice, Also I have to hold my arms extended to the sides parallel to the wood floor for four fifteen minute intervals,which equals one hour . 15 minutes of pain to knees and shoulders seems never ending . She knows I rather be spanked but feels this punishment has a more positive effect on my behavior. She uses it often and spanks me less. I am not allwed more than a thirty second break between intervals. I am given a plastic urin bottle to pee while still kneeling on the rice
    This time she sat down and commented on my cherry red and blue bottom. I can almost feel the heat from here she snickered, She watched me closely crossing her stunning legs, pouring another glass of wine. Be careful don’t cheat or I’ll add another hour to your detention. Some times she does her nails while watching me suffer or her toe nails or shaves her lovely legs tantalizing me. Once she took a close up picture of my flaming bottom with her camera phone and sent it to another dwc friend who was truly impressed . They were laughing and gigglimg about my flaming bottom. Her friend said she was going try duplicating the color on her hubby’s bottom. She always tells me I’m free to get up any time but it would mean me getting over her knee again .

    Finally my wife said you will have detention (no spanking unless necessary) for the next 7 days. This is to make sure you never disrespect me again. She then slowly completely undressed showing me her lovely breasts ,legs and bottom. She made sure I was watching with my arms extended in pain and said: “One more thing. There will be no play or sex during that time. She then bent over allowing a a beautiful view of her great breasts and teasingly kissed me long and hard with her full and luscious lips.. Remember no cheating or else ! She saw that I was fully aroused . She giggled again knowing I can’t release for seven days
    Needless to say I shan’t disrespect her again

    Comment by robert | March 25, 2008

  8. March 23 2008
    I am 5’2” my husband is 6’3”. We both signed the DWC contract 5 years ago after 20 years of marriage.
    In the last 5 years I have blistered his bottom many hundreds of times. But his behavior shows that he is still self centered, selfish and inattentive to my needs. I found that giving him one to two hours of detention 5 or 6 times a week works wonders on his behavior . What is detention ? Well it varies from day to day . It can be his standing with his nose holding a quarter against a wall for an hour or more , (God help him if he lets it hit the floor,) or kneeling on long-grained uncooked rice, spread on a wood floor for an hour and of course my favorite ,- holding his arms at his sides parallel to the floor for 4-15 -minute intervals. I have a video camera set up to monitor him from any room in my house, from my I pod , from my desk at work and from a business trip out of state . I have speakers set up so that he can hear me. Once from an LA convention floor I increased his detention from one to three hours because I caught him sleeping on the bed. I made a point of watching him very closely for the next three hours while I was receiving a professional pedicure , I monitored him using my I -POD to make sure he fulfilled his punishment . Like“Big brother”I control and punish him 24/7. Watching him suffer to please me while I’m shopping or getting a relaxing pedicure just makes me tingle all over. I demand that he does every second and every minute of his detention. To prevent him from cheating . I monitor him while I’m in our bed room . He hates the word detention and unfortunately I love using it for his punishments. I used to be a bareback rider of horses. As a girl and young woman I had my first of many,many orgasms mounting these giant muscular stallions .To me Jim is my stallion and his willingness to endure pain and suffering on a daily basis is proof of his love for me and makes him deserving of my love for him. He endures all this to please me and this makes me very horny and moist down south. Maybe he will rewarded with sex or maybe not. Only I decide ! I love teasing him, I giggle aloud and always show a lot of leg while wearing zero under wear while he is serving detention. He is usually fully aroused and hangs on my every word.
    He loves being spanked with the hairbrush but I have to swing too hard to make him dance . Sooo, ha, ha, I use primarily several canes, plus the old reliable paddle or the holy terror paddle to blister his bottom. My favorite is the cane. Because it is almost silent when in use . I can use it on him when we are on vacation in our hotel room or staying with friends. I just stuff a white sock in his mouth to muffle his cries and maybe turn up the radio.I like to call it a “sneaky caning” .I bought him several pairs of very thin men’s silk underwear to prevent drawing blood . Now I can give him 60 strokes and raise all kinds of welts on his upper , middle and lower bottom . He is usually wimpering &bawling like a baby afterwards. I once had too much to drink so I tied him to the four bed posts and gave him 120 strokes. The welts took 2 weeks to fade completely .To make any session more memorable, I usually give him 20 swats with one of the paddles. I make him count each swat and say “Thank you mam” and I respond each time giggling with a “You’re welcome honey!” Sometimes his bottom is so hot, I can feel the heat on my smiling face. He is usually babbling and sobbing telling me how sorry he is , to no avail. I am deaf to his pleas. I laugh and say you’ll soon be sorrier. This is a punishment spanking. His knees go wobbly when I so much as mention using a cane on him. He would literally jump through hoops to avoid it. He knows it is an automatic 60 strokes plus the excruciating pain from the paddles. Other than play spanking, which is as often as I want – punishment caning usually means no sex for Jim for at least a week So you can see why detention has a positive effect on his behavior . I may sound cruel ,but I love him with all my heart. But he must obey me to the letter, or he will be very sorry and after five years of my discipline he knows this.We play spanking and have sex when I say, He goes down on me when I say. He is punished when I say . He Suffers detention when I say and for as long as I want it to be. No ifs ands or butts- no pun intended. During detention I sit watching him usually while drinking from a very expensive glass of wine . I tantalize him by crossing my gorgeous nylon clad legs . I unbutton my blouse to expose my ample breasts This arouses him to no end. If he performs his detention perfectly, and when time is up and if he’s lucky , I’ll Have him lay on his back on the bed and I quickly undress and mount him like the bareback rider that I am . I am so wet and he so rigid I can mount him on the flyas I once did with my horse.. I pretend his hairy chest is a my horse’s mane and I grab and pull it and rock back forth . This is his reward for enduring pain because he loves me. But if he cheats by sneakily dropping his arms to relieve pain or picks up a knee to relieve the pain from the uncooked rice , his punishment time is increased by an hour . By then I’m disappointed and bored. And for sure he gets no sex this time . He doesn’t deserve it . For the next hour I can monitor him via my laptop in the kitchen and finish the wine instead of sharing it with him. There will be no supper for him until he finishes the detention. I have him well trained. He sometimes mistakenly pees on the floor. I warned him once too many times, Soooo I give him a “good licking” with the cane and paddles and then he’ll spend 3 hours on his hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor using a tiny hand scrubbing brush. To make sure he does a good job, I have him use his tongue to lick the floor in ten or more spots to make sure the whole bathroom is ” giggle, giggle licking clean.”
    Bronco rider Linda

    Comment by robert | May 22, 2008

  9. 5/04/2008 A Quick Spooning in the Kitchen
    My wife E, angrily told me to set up the two rectangular heavy concrete planters which she had told me to do several times last week and this week. I did so immediately. An hour later I returned to the kitchen. E pointed to the spanking chair which meant my “assuming the position,” Which was nude from the waist down bent over and grasping the legs of the chair. She then reminded me that I never have to ask her twice for my requests. She picks up and drops books at the library, brings me my medicines from the pharmacy, buys most of my clothes. She makes extra trips to return things for me . And she is tired of my not listening to her. E retrieved a very large wooden industrial spoon.The business end of which was 31/2 inches wide and the handle 28 inches long. My ass was in a perfect position, which was parallel to the floor. Bringing the spoon directly up over head, she gave 15 very hard and very accurate swats on the same spot on my left cheek. Ignoring my shrieks and mercy pleas she did like wise on my right cheek, but over lapping and melding the two spots. She always had exceptional hand eye coordination. I was crying like a baby. She moved to the left side and applied 15 across and again accurately hitting both spots. This took about 50 seconds and my ass was instantly bleeding. She ignored my bawling pulled me by my hair and placed me in the corner to kneel on uncooked beans on our hard kitchen floor for over one hour. She is normally not this cruel but, her period brings out the evil in her. I call it a PMS spanking when she takes great pleasure in blistering my behind and looks for the tiniest infraction to punish me severely. Ignoring me she casually, painted her nails and made phone calls during my tortuous hour on my knees. I tried to alleviate some of the pain by placing my hands on the wall” She says: Stop ! No! No! I want you to clasp your hands behind your back. For cheating I’m adding another half hour to your detention. I know how you hate this punishment but it is my favorite. You’re always craving spankings and your behavior reflects that. This quickee spanking with a spoon plus the kneeling on beans is going to be regular punishment from now on. Maybe you’ll think twice about purposely creating situations for you to be spanked. I hope this will get your attention” Kneeling on beans for 1 ½ hours in constant pain is pure hell! Sitting on a toilet even after four full days afterwards was excruciating painful. But she hasn’t had to repeat her requests to me since. How fortunate can a husband be?

    Comment by robert | May 24, 2008

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