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Thumb’s Down

About 2 weeks ago DW injured her thumb and lower wrist during her attempts to assist a fairly large individual who had gone sprawling across the pavement. In the first attempt at raising her, DW was herself knocked backwards and instinctively put her right arm back to save herself. The end result is two cracked bones, one in her thumb and the other just above – not sufficient to warrant plaster, but in need of a brace, certainly as much rest as possible and plenty of TLC.

Thankfully she has been able to work and do most things – DW in a state of enforced idleness being just too scary to contemplate – but obviously there are everyday tasks such as opening jars, turning the ignition key and doing up her bra for which she simply can’t use her right hand until it has healed. Naturally enough spanking discipline has been put on hold for some time – although DW has suggested that once her thumb is fully healed, I’ll likely be due for such a spanking that my butt will be the next thing in need of some healing time.

So while spanking is not available to her as an option, DW has been considering other new forms of discipline that she can apply as warranted meanwhile. Regular readers will know that DW is already prone to applying her own creative variants of panty discipline, corner time, rationed lovemaking and intimate body service, but for the specific purposes of my domestic discipline, I know she sees these more as condiments to the catharsis that is the ultimate outcome of a well-deserved spanking that’s been delivered with all of her customary severity.

Nevertheless I guess it’s a reasonable expectation that I’ll find myself in panties 24 x 7 at some stage before DW has fully healed and subject to whatever additional non-spanking disciplinary measures that she devises and applies until then.

Fond of Writing” is one site of which DW has become aware thanks to a comment to one of my posts and its featuring a little time ago on CJ’s Blog, Over Her Knee. A couple of days ago DW provided a warning about my behaviour by verbally painting a mental picture of me clad only in panties spending many tedious hours at the keyboard – courtesy of that particular tool. I can only guess at the content of the text that she would devise with the intent of keeping me at attention, so to speak.

I also expect that a comprehensive tidying of the punishment panty drawer is probably somewhere on the agenda.

Without giving too much away at this stage, I suspect that my St Valentine’s gift to DW tomorrow will also raise the disciplinary stakes somewhat, although the effect will be largely anticipatory until her thumb has healed.

I don’t doubt that DW’s mind is hard at work considering other possibilities, but she has also let it be known that further suggestions for other non-spanking forms of punishment would be welcome.

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  1. When Rachel decides to spank she uses both hands. Watch out as DW may just give you a spanking using her left hand. It may not be as hard but it could be longer and end up hurting more.
    Then when her right hand is up to it i get a make-up spanking that gets her points across.
    aj Widget

    Comment by aj | February 13, 2007

  2. i am always kept pantied and at times my Mistresss will sometimes punish me by making mestand in a corner being perfectly still, no movement at all and dressed in a full length nylon nightgown that is closed at the neck and drapes along my body. Shadowline is the brand She uses and its easy to see any movement when im dressed like this. i will be whipped later for any movement.

    Comment by kathi pantyslave | February 15, 2007

  3. aj
    DW is not very confident with her left hand but unfortunately HAS now started to find that she can wield a cane without too much problem, but not yet our other toys.

    I think DW contemplated keeping me in panties at all times, but has always expressed the concern that I might “get used to them” and their disciplinary effectiveness would diminish. Personally I very much doubt this is possible, and would submit to that if she chose – but I’d also be interested in your experience in that regard.

    Comment by Ford | February 24, 2007

  4. ford:
    You will never get used to panties as i have found but once you go there you will never want to go back to mens underwear. Rachel keeps me in panties 100% of the time to remind me who is BOSS and my position in this house.
    Other times i am totally in my birthday suit.

    Comment by aj | February 25, 2007

  5. ford, i totaly agree with aj. i never get used to them and they serve as a constant reminder of my position. i am constantly stimulated even at night when im asleep i wake me up aroused and not permitted any releif. kathi

    Comment by Anonymous | February 26, 2007

  6. Hi Ford,

    I hope DW’s thumb heals quickly (for your sake)… the cane alone has got to be just dreadful… can’t imagine much worse than that…


    Comment by Tiggr | February 26, 2007

  7. Ford
    From other comments, it seems that the effect of being put in panties for extended periods does not “wear out.” But if that’s a concern for DW, I’m wondering if she has possibly heightened the drama a bit. For instance, maybe you are out for a drink or at a restaurant. With no warning, DW opens her purse, reaches across the table and hands you a folded up pair of the frilliest she has for you, looks you straight in the eye and says, “change – NOW.” You have to go to the men’s room, change into the panties, return to the table and hand her the male underwear you had been wearing. Or, upping the ante considerably, she mentioned you sitting at the keyboard in just your panties. How about a butt plug under those panties for a couple of hours? Don’t hit too many wrong keys, Ford!!

    Comment by Carl | February 28, 2007

  8. aj, kathi,
    DW has been following this comment thread quite closely and it may be no coincidence that she’s had me change into panties the last two evenings out of the shower after riding home from work. Waking up during the night has been quite “hard” let’s say. I think she found the same effect to be very satisfactory when her choice has become apparent to me – which so far has been the “Day of the Week” Manties.

    Thanks for your thoughts, yes being on the business end of the cane for all of my current discipline is certainly rather sobering – even if DW can’t quite apply her usual level of enthusiasm.

    DW positively prides herself on being full of surprises – so who knows what other “openings” she might have in mind. I must apologise for my lack of diligence with emails.

    Comment by Ford | February 28, 2007

  9. Ford, i wish i could wear “Manties” i understand they have room in them for males. im kept in vanity fair full cut nylon panties for woman. the reason for the full cut is because it allows more movement which means more stimulation. bikini panties trap me down and no movement.

    Comment by kathi | March 1, 2007

  10. Good morning Ford, i was just thinking about you and wondering if you still are sleeping wearing panties or has DW let you stop so you can get a good sleep.

    Comment by kathi | March 5, 2007

  11. Hi Kathi – Yes, DW still has me in the day of the week Manties (red ones for Monday as I type), although … for the last two nights they have been shed quite quickly once in bed so that she could take advantage of my rather obvious response to them.

    Comment by Ford | March 5, 2007

  12. You are a lucky man Ford, i wish my Mistress would let me have relief more often.

    Comment by kathi | March 15, 2007

  13. I have to agree with aj and the others — I’ve been kept in panties for almost 2 years, and the level of embarrassment and frustration only seems to increase with time. I suppose if Mistress were the only one to know it might be different, but having to be pantied and teased in front of her friends only heightens my sense of humiliation.

    Comment by jamie | October 20, 2007

  14. I am lucky enough to be in a DD relationship with a loving female ( mid 40’s). At present until our children grow up/ leave home ( hopefully)!! we live in seperate houses and see each other as much as possible – perhaps this has ‘helped’ think/ decide of alternative punishments for me ( male late 40’s) besides my regular spankings. These include :- female panties to wear, of which I have many with just one pair of my boxers left for a hospital appointment should the need arise. I have inserted especially during bedtime a ‘tampax’, and wear ‘pads’ covered with cream on days out, this not only ‘makes me behave’ but as SHE puts it ‘appreciate females’ more. I sometimes have to wear female attire when out this being discreet – eg., high neck polo top/ jeans especially bought and tried on in the shop cubicle female.I will and like to give you more detail should anyone want to know more on these. The most terrifying ( for me!!) is one day when out in public shopping etc., when I misbehave SHE is going to grab me & put me over her knee and spank me!!!……SHE really means this, obviously she is looking for the right kind of people around to witness this, an older couple who as SHE says will ‘appreciate’ it more…..I have already been given a verbal ‘telling off’ in front of people and verbally ‘threatened’ with a spanking…..so next is the spanking…..but the situation not knowing when is EVEN WORSE!!……I look forward to replies/ comments…thanks

    Comment by chadwell | November 9, 2007

  15. January 15,2008
    Dancing Session Three

    Six weeks ago I informed Jim that he was going to receive 1000 lashes with my razor strap for breaking the limit on a single credit card purchase. He had done this 3 years in a row for 3 different golf club drivers. I broke the lashes down to 13 sessions with the strap. The first session was in the woods. The second was at home. We had the hottest sex afterwards. I broke my own rule. No sex for him after a punishment spanking. Today that is not going to happen. As a reminder of why he is getting this blistering, I had him bent over holding the newest $450.00 plus golf driver in his mouth. He could drop it after each lash but it must be back in place for the next lash. I delivered 60 very hard lashes deliberately slow paced , so I could watch him dance , and jump from foot to foot, repeatedly trying to endure the pain by blowing, and blowing like a woman in labor . This time I said no restrictions after each lash. That meant he can run and jump and squeal as long as he was in position within 10 seconds .With no sex afterwards he will hate this session. After each lash he screamed, dropped the golf club and ran and hopped down the hallway. All the while, blowing and ooooing and whewing and howling. Tears were rolling down to his chin. This was after every lash. I was chuckling because he must have run the length of 2 miles trying futilely to out run the pain. He reminded me of the Road Runner . I tried to place each lash in a particular area experimenting to see how high I could make him jump. I gave him 6 in a row to his thighs. The sixth of which brought him to his knees howling in pain and crying like a baby. I warned him . “Ten seconds“ he quickly moved in position for the next stroke which came instantly. “ That last one didn’t count .You forgot the Golf Club”. He put the club back in his mouth and I aimed at the same place, his thighs. Again he dropped to his knees. His tears were creating a tiny puddle on our parquet floor . I very slowly and methodically applied the last dozen having him count aloud each one. Imitating Gene Kelly, I repeatedly sang “Godda Dance, Godda Dance” while he jumped in the air with many different gyrations and yelps. After the last one, he fell down into a fetal ball and whimpered uncontrollably. There were welts all over his backside and his thighs. This type of punishment really changes his behavior . The play spanking leading to sex just doesn’t work , He repeats offenses because, 1) he loves to be spanked, and 2) He loves sex. I then sat on the chair and while he was still sobbing I allowed him to sit on my lap for a little nurturing. Using a small towel I wiped his sweat, and tears from his face. With the strap still in my hand, I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips making sure my marvelous breasts were pressed against his hairy chest. I kissed him again and Icouldn’t believe it. He was in terrific pain and still his”Niner from North Caroliner” stood rigidly at attention. I chuckled and said: “Not tonight darling “ I want him to get used to the idea that a punishment spanking is never rewarded with sex! It’s the only way to improve his behavior . While he is sobbing on my lap, I informed him that I want a term paper from him. Like when we were in college. It must be 12 single spaced pages titled” Why it is prudent and essential in a successful marriage to communicate honestly with one’s partner in life.” I wanted a complete bibliography, foot notes etc, etc. It will take 3 weeks for his bottom to heal and that’s when he can turn it in. How severe the 4th dance session will be , will be determined by the grade I give to his term paper. Hopefully he’ll learn something in his research about being truthful in all his relationships. I had him kneel in the corner with his welted ashen ruby red bottom. The razor strop has become my favorite implement. Because it is easier to snap my wrist, with my arm fully extended, therefore really getting his attention with each swing. I aim for the farthest cheek so the stripes wrap around on the side of his butt and thighs. It’s a good thing we had this room sound proofed or his screams would bring the police knocking on our door. Plus I can double the punishment and not feel as exhausted after each session as I do with a paddle or hair brush . I could easily have given him another 60 strokes , as I have on a few occasions when I had drunken too much wine, without even breaking a sweat. He knelt in the corner for one hour. While I monitored & scolded him and changed the color of my fingernails to match the color of my new outfit. All the while I was humming the tune “Godda Dance Godda Dance” I wore that outfit to dinner later that same day. I felt beautifully quaffed and totally relaxed and in a very good mood. I always do after a session. He was constantly fidgeting in his chair throughout the whole meal. I needn’t explain why, do I?

    Comment by robert | May 23, 2008

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