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On Notice

After preparing for bed on Friday night, I exited the bathroom to find a pair of pastel green nylon panties sitting on my side of the bed. They were high-cut, with lace trim to the waist and legs, a gusset of white cotton and “Friday” embroidered at the front, along with a small flower. The meaning being quite clear, I resignedly slipped them on (while DW looked on knowingly) and climbed into bed with her.

The panties were not really unexpected as DW had already placed me ‘on notice’ for a spanking earlier in the evening – just as I had been preparing to go out for dinner with a couple of our daughters. There was no point in denying it – I had used some rather inappropriate language to one of our girls in expressing my opinion about a particular website that was giving trouble. This is clearly covered as a punishable infringement in our Disciplinary Agreement. DW had then simply followed me into the bedroom while I was putting on a jacket to go out and quietly but firmly advised “You are ‘On notice’ – you shouldn’t be using language like that, and I and the girls shouldn’t have to be hearing it”.

‘On Notice’ is a term defined in our Disciplinary Agreement that means I am due for ‘Remedial Discipline’ in the form of a serious spanking. As there are other members of the family in the household, it is rarely possible that I receive such spankings immediately, so being ‘On Notice’ is designed to be a constant reminder that some well deserved physical discipline is inevitably on the way. Requiring that I wear panties is simply DW’s method of ensuring that I am continually reminded of that fact. In my experience, my continual awareness of the silkiness and the femininity of the panties serves to moderate my temperament somewhat, and serve as a warning that any further infringements will only make the coming punishment more severe.

This relatively ‘mild’ form of feminisation is a private affair between DW and myself, although my choice of outerwear does need to take account of the potential for visible panty lines that might make it apparent that my underwear is designed for the female anatomy. Being placed in panties is also not something that I will simply ‘get used to’ to the point where it loses its salutary affect – my awareness of being in panties is almost continual throughout the day, serving as an ongoing reminder of the spanking to come, and that I need to avoid any possibility that my style of underwear becomes apparent to anyone else.

Once I am in panties it is also only at DW’s initiation that we can make love. Sometimes I feel that she is teasing me rock hard and absolutely bulging but it stops at a close embrace with her cuddled tight in behind me as we go to sleep. As it was some 48 hours on Friday evening since we had made love, Friday and Saturday nights were exquisitely teasing but thankfully, Saturday morning saw some welcome respite as I was allowed to remove my panties for a some well overdue sexual relief – for both of us.

Although it had been originally planned that my disciplinary spanking session would be scheduled for Saturday night, this did not prove possible due to changes in plans by other family members. Now it is Monday and I am required to work progressively through a set of ‘day-of-the-week’ panties being pink for Saturday, white for Sunday and right now, red for Monday. Unfortunately, a drawer full of specifically set aside panties in our bedroom is capable maintaining a ready supply – including some that are just ridiculously frilled, tight or just plain uncomfortable, according to DW’s purpose at the time.

If the intent of being ‘On Notice’ in this manner is to give me the incentive to submit to a scheduled discipline as soon as practicable, this is certainly achieved. I won’t say that I can hardly wait to assume the position(s) of DW’s choosing, but that combined feeling of real foreboding but relief at finally submitting will be more than welcome, when it arrives.

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  1. I must admit when Ford and I first discussed forms of discipline for his unruly behaviour I had some thinking through to do – and lots of reading. There were things I needed to learn to ensure that I was fulfilling my role adequately. Research on the web indicated that other couples had already travelled this path and together we learned about appropriate behaviours and appropriate disciplinary actions. It certainly has enhanced our marriage in the process!

    Comment by DeeW | April 22, 2006

  2. Dear DeeW and Ford,
    Have you considered making Ford shave off all his pubic hair before a spanking, I find that to be a humiliation and turn on all at once. And from experience I can tell you that having to promise to let it all show in the gym’s changing room, makes it almost like a public discipline session. And yes, i have to keep my promises, and no wrapping up in a towel while walking to the showers with bald genitals and reddened buttocks on full display.

    Comment by Evan | May 2, 2006

  3. Oh Man! – I think I’m really in for it now!

    Comment by Ford | May 2, 2006

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