Disciplining Ford

Holiday Vignette #5

I’m getting out of the shower and reaching for my towel from the rack. As I glance through the door into the bedroom, I can see in the mirror that DW is seated on the side of the bed facing the chest of drawers. The punishment panty drawer is open and she is leafing through its contents to select the pair of panties that I will be required to wear at work for the day.

Once she is content with her choice, DW neatly lays out the selected panties on my side of the bed.

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  1. I lay out all of my husband’s clothes daily, or leave him a note what and how to wear his clothing. Sometime I may have him use a dildo all day and keep him all plugged for the day. Mrs. R. Widget

    Comment by Anonymous | January 7, 2007

  2. Ford, thanks for shairing your Holiday Vignettes. Each of them sets a very nice theme.

    Comment by johna | January 9, 2007

  3. excellent holiday vignettes. Look forward to yur next escapades.
    bottoms up

    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2007

  4. My wife called me from her work to inform me I had to wear panties to my workplace. After 8 hours of hard work I was spanked at bedtime. Funny thing, I didn’t feel like getting spanked as I was tired and not in the mood so to speak. But she insisted and I submitted. You know I almost cried during the spanking… Was it the tiredness or because I really didn’t want to be spanked?

    Comment by donnie | January 10, 2007

  5. Hi Donnie,
    Yes I’ve certainly known that feeling on occasions or when DW has imposed a sequence of spankings – sometimes hourly. Whilst my need for discipline is always there, tiredness is usually short-term and in retrospect, I’ve always been glad to have submitted. That can be hard in some cases when my immediate inclination is not for a blistered butt, but I know that’s just what’s coming.
    I guess it’s then that we find out who’s really in charge of our disipline.
    All the best

    Comment by Ford | January 12, 2007

  6. Hello Ford
    Thank you for sharing your life style about wearing panties and being disciplined by your lady. I am wearing panties too as I write this note. My wife has recently started having me wear panties after I am disciplined and at present being a real estate salesman, I must wear panties until I make and close my next sale which may be for quite a while as our market at present is very slow!

    Comment by Rodney | June 16, 2007

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