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A New Found Toy

The 2nd weekend of June was a long holiday weekend here and regrettably, the last one to occur until November. As winter has well and truly arrived, fewer folks were inclined to go away for this particular holiday; so DW and I decided to make the most of the opportunity by renting a quiet and private cottage in the nearby mountains for some long overdue time, just to ourselves. The weather may well have been cold and damp for practically the whole weekend, but this was really of no consequence to our plans for simply enjoying each other’s company and rekindling the loving chemistry between us. Once we are freed from the need to consider others in the household, we never cease to be surprised at how little time this takes and how our desire for each other builds in direct proportion to the amount of time we can spend together.

So this was a weekend of relaxing, enjoying red wine, spending time in the big double spa, DVD watching, impulsive and passionate lovemaking, sleeping, reading and yes…I was also due for some remedial discipline, from which my butt has really only just now recovered.

On the only day that we felt inclined to venture outside (after DW had administered a morning spanking), we spent some of our time wandering through some second hand shops in a small nearby country town. In the backroom of one particular shop we came upon a couple of pure leather surprises that made my already sore backside “hurt just thinking about it” to slightly paraphrase you know who. The owner of the shop is a leather worker who specialises mainly in saddle repairs and leather pet accessories such as leashes and muzzles but there, also on display, were two formidable woven leather whips – one a single tail about 1.5 metres long and the other a nine-tailed affair with a rather threatening knot at the end of each tail.

The fact that they had become the immediate focus of DW’s attention was more than patently obvious to the shop owner who explained that they were not of her making, but came from another craftsman interstate who specialised in the manufacture of woven leather items. SO obvious was DW’s interest, the owner also felt compelled to add that we could have anything we wished made specifically to order and, that “she was very open-minded about it”!

After some little discussion, we settled for the single tail (although with hindsight, I suspect that DW now wishes we had bought both) and it was duly rolled up and packaged. It would be an understatement to say that the price was reasonable but as is customary, it’s my responsibility to make or purchase the instruments for use in my discipline.

Saturday evening saw DW’s first brief and tentative use of our newest implement – with DW confessing that “L” plates may be appropriate for a time until she fully learns its use. Irrespective, it made a great accessory to the outfit that DW ambushed me with later that same night.

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  1. Single tail whips have that wonderful
    look about them. But they are
    definitely more difficult to use
    than the average punishment implement.

    Comment by Wintermute | June 25, 2006

  2. looks frightening. Hopefully the learning curve for both of you will be slow, as your bottom will need adjusting to this as much as DW will need time to learn to use it. The neat idea of your post that I like is that DW found something in the store that would be useful in your discipline, such that it is a part of her thinking when browsing through a store.
    I will be thrilled when my wife states that we should look for another spanking instrument.
    bottoms up

    Comment by dwcmike | July 4, 2006

  3. For someone who (I thought) came to our DD lifestyle from a fairly vanilla starting point, DW has certainly adopted the role of my disciplinarian with a good deal of enthusiasm. Little exchanges between us like this one recently are indicative:
    “Well spanking you’re butt DOES turn me on.”
    “Does it really?”
    “Well what do YOU think?”
    On reflection, I guess it is kind of obvious.

    Comment by Ford | July 5, 2006

  4. i would recommend a better punishment for bed time example for every minute late 5 minutes in the corner so if 30 minutes late would do 2 hours and 30 minutes in the corner. as u can see will not want to be late not too much anyways as time quickly adds up and if late give him plenty of time to reflect on his disobiedence. you are a very lucky man to have such a wife to look after your submissive needs treat her well

    Comment by Anonymous | August 20, 2006

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