Disciplining Ford

Thumb’s Down

About 2 weeks ago DW injured her thumb and lower wrist during her attempts to assist a fairly large individual who had gone sprawling across the pavement. In the first attempt at raising her, DW was herself knocked backwards and instinctively put her right arm back to save herself. The end result is two cracked bones, one in her thumb and the other just above – not sufficient to warrant plaster, but in need of a brace, certainly as much rest as possible and plenty of TLC.

Thankfully she has been able to work and do most things – DW in a state of enforced idleness being just too scary to contemplate – but obviously there are everyday tasks such as opening jars, turning the ignition key and doing up her bra for which she simply can’t use her right hand until it has healed. Naturally enough spanking discipline has been put on hold for some time – although DW has suggested that once her thumb is fully healed, I’ll likely be due for such a spanking that my butt will be the next thing in need of some healing time.

So while spanking is not available to her as an option, DW has been considering other new forms of discipline that she can apply as warranted meanwhile. Regular readers will know that DW is already prone to applying her own creative variants of panty discipline, corner time, rationed lovemaking and intimate body service, but for the specific purposes of my domestic discipline, I know she sees these more as condiments to the catharsis that is the ultimate outcome of a well-deserved spanking that’s been delivered with all of her customary severity.

Nevertheless I guess it’s a reasonable expectation that I’ll find myself in panties 24 x 7 at some stage before DW has fully healed and subject to whatever additional non-spanking disciplinary measures that she devises and applies until then.

Fond of Writing” is one site of which DW has become aware thanks to a comment to one of my posts and its featuring a little time ago on CJ’s Blog, Over Her Knee. A couple of days ago DW provided a warning about my behaviour by verbally painting a mental picture of me clad only in panties spending many tedious hours at the keyboard – courtesy of that particular tool. I can only guess at the content of the text that she would devise with the intent of keeping me at attention, so to speak.

I also expect that a comprehensive tidying of the punishment panty drawer is probably somewhere on the agenda.

Without giving too much away at this stage, I suspect that my St Valentine’s gift to DW tomorrow will also raise the disciplinary stakes somewhat, although the effect will be largely anticipatory until her thumb has healed.

I don’t doubt that DW’s mind is hard at work considering other possibilities, but she has also let it be known that further suggestions for other non-spanking forms of punishment would be welcome.

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