Disciplining Ford

Holiday Vignette #2

I’m totally naked and face up on our bed with my wrists bound tightly together, arms folded behind my back using the cord of my own dressing gown. My ankles are tied together with the cord of DW’s dressing gown, crossed so as to keep my knees apart. DW slowly and sensuously removes her clothes, climbs onto the bed and straddles my chest, facing me. She carefully props my head with pillows and then gradually eases herself up my body brushing me with her mound to leave a trail of her scent until she towers over me with her inner thighs beside my ears and I can feel the warmth of her pussy on my face. Wrapping her hands gently around the back of my head, DW pulls my face into her pussy and whispers, “I want your tongue deep inside me – now”.

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