Disciplining Ford

Attitude and Underwear

As a suitably private opportunity to administer a prompt spanking for an infringement is quite rare, DW has become progressively more adept in the use of panties as an interim method of discipline. She considers panties not only as an integral part of my mental preparation for a spanking session, but also for what she perceives as their beneficial effect on my demeanour. So where an immediate spanking is not practical, an infringement of our Disciplinary Agreement will most often earn me a quick trip to the bedroom to initiate some “attitude adjustment”.

“Can I speak to you in the bedroom for a moment please Ford?” generally signifies what’s to follow. Once the bedroom door has been closed behind us, I’m instructed to remove my shoes, trousers and underpants while DW makes a selection from the punishment panty drawer that she feels most befits my infringement and that I’m required to wear under my usual clothing. Other times I may think that an infringement has been overlooked, only to find DW’s selection of panties on my pillow or when I peel back the covers ready to climb into bed for the night. Some quiet time facing the corner in panties may also be in store before I’m permitted to join her in our bed.

Over time, I’ve experienced most of the panties to be found in that second drawer down and have come to realise, as has DW, that they represent various grades of severity in panty discipline.

Despite their silkiness and lace trim, the high-cut day-of-the-week “Manties” constitute a relatively mild form in that they are at least reasonably comfortable and brief, with a fairly low risk of becoming visible above the waistband of most trousers. Nonetheless, they do have the basic design of women’s panties with a cotton gusset that, combined with their nylon material, impart a decidedly foreign feel that serves as a fairly constant reminder of my disciplinary status. They also leave me with the niggling concern that the rear seam of the gusset or lace leg elastic might form a visible panty line through some trousers and thereby give a hint that my underwear may not be of the conventional male variety.

Regrettably this collection also includes 3 pairs of “Fancy” high-cut Manties that are a quite different proposition – with generous flounces of lace stitched around the legs and across the butt that are relentless as a constant reminder of my “pantied” state. DW generally reserves these for occasions such as corner time, disciplinary weekends away or if she feels that some escalation is warranted of a panty discipline that’s already in progress – the latter intended as a deterrent to committing any further infringements. DW selected from these for my work wear on two days of last week.

Quite a few panties have also been purchased on expeditions instigated by DW to the lingerie departments of local department stores. It is with some care that she has selected panties that are specifically for disciplinary use and that I’m required to pay for. Perhaps the worst example is a set of three brief, lace bikinis that, whilst marked as being the nearest female equivalent of my size, actually turned out to be a VERY snug fit. Although they are just wearable, they are extremely confining, definitely not accommodating of an erection, and cut so high and tight across my butt cheeks that a glaring panty line is obvious, irrespective of my choice in trousers. Essentially these represent the ultimate sanction in panty discipline from DW that I do earnestly seek to avoid. They also reveal so much butt cheek area that there really is no point in lowering them for a spanking.

DW originally purchased another set of three for her own wear, but then bequeathed them to me as more suitable for disciplinary use. Although these high-cut, high-waisted nylon panties are ostensibly my size and appeared as if they shouldn’t be too uncomfortable, one experience of wearing them was enough to understand why DW was not interested in retaining them.

“So how are the new panties Ford?”
“I think you know already – they give a whole new meaning to the term ‘wedgie’”.
“So you noticed eh? – well do please enjoy!”
“Thank you Ma’am.”

Even worse, they are high-cut to such an extent that any over-enthusiastic movement results in a “containment” issue (let’s say), an additional feature that DW wouldn’t necessarily have foreseen.

DW also has her subtle ways of ensuring that I remain mindful that I’m undergoing a panty discipline:

  • while showering in the morning, I can’t help but notice when DW is selecting my panties for the day and then laying them out on the bed;
  • resting her hand on my clothed backside and subtly rubbing her fingers where it is traversed by the rear gusset seam, especially cute when we are in company;
  • reaching with two fingers inside the waist of my trousers and tugging gently on waist band of my panties, as if threatening to expose them;
  • although 24 x 7 panties do not amount to chastity, DW likes to ration our lovemaking so that I remain somewhat horny, the sight and feel of my bulging hard-on in panties obviously giving her more than a little satisfaction;
  • little SMS or email reminders while I’m at work during the day.

I may not welcome the spanking when the opportunity for it finally arrives, but at least it gives some prospect that the punishment panties will remain in the drawer, at least for a time.

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