Disciplining Ford

Holiday Spanking Round Up

So, turning now to the long weekend’s spanking summary.

Friday saw Ford in panties for the day as part of mental preparation for his participation as a contestant in the much-anticipated weekend of spanking action – and under strict instructions to be home early so as to depart for the tournament venue well before the evening’s rush hour traffic. Already named in Team Discipline that he would be facing were Hairbrush, Spencer Paddle, and both Canes, along with Panties. Noticeably absent from the team line up was Male Underwear – and even then, it was strongly tipped that Panties would be dropped for at least some of the tournament matches.

The Team’s tournament accommodation was located some two hours from its home base where, after a friendly reception from the locals for DW as the Team owner and for Ford as the other contestant, all participants checked into their comfortable quarters and settled in for the weekend.

Friday night saw a warm up match in which Hairbrush and Paddle scored 100 solid hits between them, leaving the other contestant somewhat breathless and contemplating the intensity with which the remaining matches of the weekend would be played.

Hairbrush was the sole scorer during Saturday morning’s game, stinging the other contestant with 50 rock solid hits scored from both sides of the field, once again demonstrating its ability to overcome any opposition with embarrassing ease and to redden a few cheeks in the process.

The surprise recruitment to the Team of S.T. Whip during Saturday afternoon caused more than a little consternation for the other contestant who could only wonder whether such a new import to the Team would play a significant role in the tournament so shortly after joining.

Saturday evening’s match was preceded by a players’ conference at the local spa, the highlight of which came when DW as owner of Team Discipline outlined the previous infringements by the other contestant that she expected her Team to redress during the evening’s match. The whole of Team Discipline obviously took this to heart in their efforts against a now softened-up opposition with each of the longer-standing team members playing a decisive role in its emphatic score of more than 100 hits. Just to emphasise her team’s domination over the other contestant, the team owner dropped Panties for the second half of the match, serving only to intensify the opposition’s suffering at the hands of her team that was now completely on target to take out the tournament.

As it turned out, Whip played only a minor role in match proceedings, but showed some strong potential to become a key player in future team selections.

By Sunday morning it was clear that Team Discipline had achieved virtually all of its goals for the tournament, but this didn’t prevent it from handing out yet another thrashing by another 100 hits to a now completely submissive opposition.

Interviewed back at home base after the tournament, the owner of Team Discipline indicated she was well satisfied with the Team’s performance with her only regret being the lack of a further match on Monday that with hindsight, would have provided the opportunity to give the other contestant an even more lasting message of her dominance in this field of spanking endeavour.
No injuries were reported to the understandably drained but untroubled members of Team Discipline who will now be rested until the next match.

Standing nearby and appearing decidedly less comfortable was the other contestant – who declined to comment on the outcome of the tournament other than to suggest that he obviously needed to lift his game.

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