Disciplining Ford

So Ford, what do you fantasy?

In late April DW had been rather unwell with a cold that had hung around for a few days making her feel rather miserable with the aches and pains that typically go with it. After we’d climbed into bed one night, I suggested that she roll over so that I could massage her back and shoulders. This I did for about ten minutes or so but inevitably (DW would say), my hand progressively strayed downwards to caress and fondle her backside – well after all, it is such nice backside…

After a few more minutes, DW turned her head toward me on the pillow and commented rather dreamily, “You know Ford, I suspect that you do entertain some thoughts of spanking my butt”. Not quite a comment that I was anticipating because, as far as I am aware, DW doesn’t harbour any particular desire to be spanked, but the discussion that followed went pretty much like this.
“Well … not because you’ve done anything to deserve it”, I responded somewhat hesitantly.
“Yes… but if you were to spank me, how exactly would you go about it? Where would you have me?”
“… draped over my knee I should think.”
“Where would you be sitting?”
“… the chair over there would probably suit quite well.”
“… and would you be wearing any clothes?”
“Well as the spanker, I think I’d be clothed, but you would be a different matter however.”
“So what you have me wear?”
“Hmm … perhaps your white torsolette with suspenders, stockings and some panties that show quite a bit of cheek.”
“What else?”
“… perhaps a French maid’s outfit with plenty of lace petticoating that I have to pull up out of the way to get to your butt.”
“And what would you spank me with?”
“Oh definitely my hand… that is unless you really want to feel how much the hairbrush stings?”
“No… I don’t think so, but how many times would you spank me?”
“Perhaps 25 for starters, but you would have to count and ask for each one, along the lines of ‘that’s 5, thank you Sir, may I please have another Sir?’ So I’d give you as many as you asked for, and I’d be able to tell how effective each one has been.”
“… and would you pull my panties down?”
“Yes, or alternatively, I’d pull them up out of the way so that my hand could get to your bare cheeks.”

Now it was DW’s turn to reach across the bed to wrap her hand around a now very rigid part of my anatomy. “Hmmm…! – I think that you had bring that over here!”

It’s just an impression, but I think that DW was starting to feel better.

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