Disciplining Ford

Attitude and Inevitability

After I have committed an infringement, in that (majority of) occasions when a spanking cannot be administered immediately, the serving by DW of spanking ‘notice’ has the effect of restoring our relationship to a level of civility and stability. DW can become comfortable in the knowledge that she will exercise her agreed right to perform discipline once a suitable opportunity arises – whilst I am (somewhat less comfortably) aware that I have deserved, and will inevitably receive, a level of remedial discipline that’s appropriate to my infringement.

Meanwhile, DW doesn’t feel a need to maintain an angry or resentful attitude in response to my aberrant behaviour – because she knows there will be an opportunity to deal with it. Likewise, I can be certain that the level of discipline inflicted will ensure that I express genuine repentance, with the additional expectation that I’ll express gratitude for receiving it. That will then be the end of the matter.

Family circumstances have meant that this particular period of notice was one of the longest that I have had to endure. Blue, yellow and purple day-of-the-week nylon panties have successively appeared from Tuesday through to Thursday, with still no clear prospect that a suitably private opportunity would be available for a spanking. Although these particular panties could be described as relatively comfortable, their silkiness and unmistakable femininity have kept me continually mindful of my status throughout the workday – and of the punishment ordeal to come.

For someone that’s accustomed to wearing nothing in bed, I’ve found the nightly enforced wearing of panties to be a real privation – that is also an exquisite tease. With the initiation of any sexual relief being solely at DW’s discretion, and with her unique ability to arouse me to the state of a raging hard-on, sometimes I am left to fall asleep with her cuddled behind me, often with her hand gently surrounding my cock in its silken prison. On other occasions, just when I have virtually given up hope of relief for the night, DW relents.

When the opportunity for my spanking ultimately did arrive, it came in instalments that made the Easter Weekend a rather painful affair.

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